Super Joey Foundation 
No child should fight cancer alone
  1. September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month
  2. No child should fight cancer alone!
  3. Dance for Love Fundraising Event
  4. Swim for Super Joey Fundraising
  5. 2020+ Plan
About Super Joey
Super Joey Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3)  public charity organization. Our mission is to support the families in USA that are affected by childhood cancer. We know well that once a child is diagnosed with a life threatening illness, the child and the family would experience significant stress and emotional pain . Super Joey Foundation helps to ease emotional pain, empowers patient families with knowledge and information, and shares hope through the helpful experience of others who have faced same challenges before.
We are Super Joey Team
There are few causes more noble than helping ease the pain and suffering of children.  No child should fight cancer alone. Please volunteer with us for meaningful community service and strong youth leadership.

We are looking for youth volunteers nationwide. Join us today by emailing us at [email protected]